This contains information, plans, and announcements relating to the Statistical Assessment of Modeling of Proteins and Ligands (SAMPL) series of blind predictive challenges. This NIH-funded series of challenges tests computational models on predictions of properties related to obstacles faced in a drug discovery setting. Use our sub-pages and links to access more information.

Current challenges

Current and upcoming SAMPL challenges

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A big picture view of upcoming SAMPL challenges and our long-term roadmap

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History of the SAMPL challenges and links to prior challenges and data

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To receive SAMPL e-mail announcements, please sign up for the SAMPL e-mail list. We also have e-mail lists for individual challenges which are available from the GitHub sites associated with each challenge or challenge component.

Video from our recent SAMPL6 logP virtual workshop is now available.

Data donation: If you have, or can generate, high quality datasets which might be suitable for a future SAMPL challenge, please contact us, or see our Roadmap page for additional information on types of data which may be of particular interest.